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2010-2018 Region Distribution of Net Federal Transfers


This picture clearly displays the gross unfairness of the Federal Government financial transfer system to the western provinces of; Alberta, B.C., and Saskatchewan.

Simply explained, the federal fiscal balance measures the difference between what the federal government extracts from the provinces in federal taxes and what each province gets back in federal transfer payments in $ billions of dollars. Numbers in red show the provinces that pay into federalism and green show provinces that receive money from federalism. It is painfully obvious that Alberta, B.C., Saskatchewan, and Ontario pay the bills for running the federal government. While Quebec and the Maritime provinces pay nothing on a net basis and receive the majority of the benefits. 

The most recent period from 2010-18, also shows that even under an extremely weak energy industry economy in Alberta, B.C., and Saskatchewan - the federal government has continued to unfairly extract and pillage wealth from the West for the benefit of Quebec and Eastern Canada. 



The Wexit Movement believes that the grossly unfair extraction of wealth from Western Canada will never end until the western provinces capture their freedom and become an independent nation from Eastern Canada.



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