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About Us

Our Mandate is to advocate for the democratic separation of the western provinces; Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and British Columbia - into an independent and sovereign country - apart from Eastern Canada.

We believe the best long term solution for the people of Western Canada is to separate themselves from Eastern Canada in order for us to be free and to economically prosper as an independent country.

Federalist politicians have always prioritized the interests of voters in Eastern Canada - and always will - due to their greater population and larger number of voting seats in the East. This unfair imbalance and lack of western representation will not change in the future.  

Federalist politicians will continue to extract ever higher taxes from Western provinces and will give that money to Quebec and the Maritimes to maintain their dependency and buy voter support. The Alberta Premier, Mr. Kenney, is an admitted Federalist and continues to believe that the West should "be generous to support the East" with our tax dollars.   

The unfair pillaging of Western wealth through taxation and federal transfer programs, including but not limited to equalization, has cost Alberta $630 billion and B.C $138 billion dollars, between 1961 -2018. This theft and redistribution of western wealth will only continue to grow in the future. 

The globalist urban based climate change movement is powerful because it is based on fear psychology - not facts, science, or common sense. The climate fear lobby will be zealously uncompromising in its efforts to shut down the Western resource based economy. This is not acceptable and cannot be allowed to continue in the future. 

The division of powers in the Canadian Constitution is not being respected by the Federal government. Federal intrusion into areas of provincial jurisdiction are pervasive, such as the illegal imposition of Bills C-69 & C-48 - designed to destroy the Western resource industry.  Investment capital and jobs are leaving Western Canada and this cannot be allowed to continue. 

The effort to reconcile relations with First Nations people, lift them out of poverty and respect treaty rights - cannot be used as a veto to shut down all necessary economic development and infrastructure projects.  Allowing militant First Nations and other environmental  protest groups to illegally shut down the railroad and other infrastructure cannot be allowed to continue. This is a path towards anarchy and certain violence.   


Disclaimer: WEXIT Movement Inc. is not a registered political party nor is it directly affiliated with any registered political party. We are a non-profit organization that promotes Western Independence through British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and the Territories.

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