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Allowing government into our homes will set a precedence that will not easily be removed

Individual rights are a pain in the butt for governments. Unprincipled politicians and bureaucrats despise having to consider the rights of citizens when they create policies with the intent to control. That is why civil rights will always have to be fought for and are usually entrenched in policies which make it as hard as possible for governments to take those rights away. Governments are always seeking for ways to take rights away and the pandemic has given them the perfect excuse.

Our Rights of Assembly and association are right at the top of the Charter of Rights and for good reason. These are some of the first rights that every dictatorship wants to take away from citizens.

No totalitarian state can be taken down if citizens cannot organize to bring them down. That is why communist and fascist states of the past always imposed curfews and illegalized any gatherings of more than a few people. Does this sound familiar?

Restricting our ability to travel, gather and organize makes us extremely vulnerable to state control with ill intent and the powers-that-be damn well know it! We as citizens cannot let this become a permanent state. This runs much deeper than simply being an inconvenience to our Christmas gatherings.

You can rest assured that when the pandemic is finally behind us, the government will be in no hurry to give us back those rights which they have suspended in the name of controlling infections.

We are giving our rights away and it will take quite a battle to get them back. When Western independence becomes a reality, we will have to ensure that our rights are protected and will never be so easily taken from us again. They must be constitutionally entrenched and immutable.



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