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Announcement of a second carbon tax expected in Trudeau Throne Speech

It is being reported that the Trudeau Liberals plan to announce the imposition of a second carbon tax upon the West in this fall's upcoming throne speech. It will be called “Canadian Fuel Standard” but let's not beat around the bush here. It is nothing less than a second carbon tax and it will be targeting Western industries as usual.

The “Canadian Fuel Standard” will be a punitive legislation which requires all suppliers of fossil fuel to somehow reduce the content. Businesses will be hit with double digit increases in energy costs while consumers will all suffer under increased heat and power costs. Just what a country already reeling under the economic impacts of a pandemic shutdown needs!

In some senses, the CFS is even worse than the current carbon tax that we are already struggling under in that it offers no exemptions for large emitters in trade-exposed industries.  That means all costs will have to be passed on to consumers. As consumers are forced to reduce their expenditures, we will see all industries contract further. 

“This economic cost would be felt most heavily in the Western provinces especially Alberta and Saskatchewan,” wrote University of Calgary economist Jack Mintz in Saturday’s Financial Post.

Agricultural and energy producers will pay a heavy toll for this latest federal initiative. All in the name of an almost deranged obsession with the pursuit of a “green” economy at the expense of the West.

During the Great Depression, Alberta Premier William Aberhart famously said:

“If you have not suffered enough, it is your God-given right to suffer more. But if you wish to elect your own representatives to implement the remedy, this is your only way out."



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