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Censorship: The Liberal party will soon control what you are allowed and not allowed to see

A free press is essential to any democratic society. This is why so many nations have specific, inviolate laws which protect the press from government interference. Unfortunately, Canada does not enjoy such  protections. The mainstream media has been bought and paid for and as always, it is at the expense of the West.

The CBC has long held a gross, Eastern Canadian bias in their programming. The West is considered an afterthought in coverage and we are treated patronizing at best by them. Being dependent on over a billion tax dollars per year, the CBC is always obligated to show favor for the Liberal government and it is obvious. That massive tax subsidy also allows the CBC to undercut private broadcasters in the advertising market. This has helped create the “media crisis” which allowed Trudeau to subsidize private media outlets to the tune of another $600 million tax dollars. This has ensured that the mainstream media will dance to the Prime Minister's tune at will.

Upstart alternative media sources have been springing up across Canada these last few years. Rather than offering a carrot to these outlets as he did with the mainstream media, Trudeau is offering alternative media the stick. Word is leaking from government discussion papers that a licensing scheme is forthcoming from the government which will allow them to impose controls upon any site distributing content within Canada. This would bring about a swift end to critical content of the government which is of course the intent of the licensing.



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