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Don't get angry with Quebec. Learn from them.

While Quebec's often self-serving actions have maddened us over the decades, perhaps it's time to stop getting upset about it and learn to respect it. Canada is broken. Our system forces the federal government to play favourites and it forces provinces to fend for themselves. Quebec realized this back in the 1960s and its time that the West did to.

Independence comes in many forms and it is an evolving thing. The path towards full independence is an incremental one. There are many things we can do for ourselves while still within confederation which will protect our independence within the country and help plot the pathway out. One of the things we can and should do is form our own provincial pension plans just as Quebec has.

As long as the West's citizens are dependent upon a federal pension plan for their retirement, they will remain under the thumb of the federal government. As long as the federal government manages the pension plan, they will manage it with their own interests in mind rather than the interests of the citizens that it is supposed to serve.



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