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Erin O'Toole publicly commits to Paris Agreement

It didn’t take long for Erin O’Toole to throw the West under the national bus in hopes of winning those ever so precious votes from Central Canada. He did so by strongly stating his intention the pursue the carbon reduction goals laid out in the Paris Agreement during an extended interview with Vassy Kapelos with CBC (timestamp: 11m 40s, view here).

O’Toole’s fast capitulation to the international climate crowd was anything but surprising. It was inevitable. There is only one way that Canada could even begin to come close to meeting the stipulations within the Paris Accord and that is through shutting down Western Canada’s energy sector. Beating on the oilsands and blocking pipelines has always resulted in favorable polling results in Central Canada and O’Toole is very well aware of that.

The United States wisely began the process years ago to extricate themselves from the unreasonable goals laid out within the Paris Agreement. They realize that castrating their domestic economy to meet targets set by an international community which won’t be impacted is utter lunacy. Unfortunately, Central Canadian voters don’t realize this and they are the only voters that matter to any leader who wants the Prime Minsterial throne.

The Conservative Party of Canada is as bad as or even worse for taking the West for granted than the Liberals are. While the Liberals feel that they have nothing to gain in prairie ridings which will never vote for them, the CPC feels that they have nothing to lose as they think that Westerners will support them under any circumstances.

The independence movement (#WEXIT) is how we will change the deadlock.  The Conservatives need to be made to understand that we are not to be taken for granted and Central Canada needs to be made to understand that hurting the West only hurts themselves. Nothing short of independence will break us free of a broken system.

Until the Western independence movement dominates the West, we will all suffer as Trudeau and O’Toole try to out “green” each other at our expense. We are on the right path but still have a long way to go.



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