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Federalist Politicians - Promises Made - Promises Broken

Vote seeking federalist politicians often follow a program of telling western voters exactly what they want to hear during election periods and then quickly abandon those promises when elected. Once power has been tasted in Ottawa, it becomes an addiction causing them to jettison their promises.

In 2001 , Steven Harper co-authored the famous Alberta Firewall letter demanding action for Alberta;  

"The government in Ottawa will be tempted to take advantage of Alberta’s prosperity, to redistribute income from Alberta to residents of other provinces in order to keep itself in power. It is imperative to take the initiative, to build firewalls around Alberta, to limit the extent to which an aggressive and hostile federal government can encroach upon legitimate provincial jurisdiction."

When Mr. Harper returned to Federal politics in 2003 , representing Alberta, he chose to no longer promote the Firewall concepts.  When Mr. Harper became Prime Minister in 2006, with Mr. Kenney as one of his key Ministers, - they did not address the Firewall concerns and did not make any major changes to the federal tax & transfer system to stop the unfair pillaging of wealth from the west , as it enabled them to secure (buy) votes in Eastern Canada.   Further they made no changes to the Constitution to protect the rights of western provinces from Federal intrusion into Provincial jurisdiction. 

The Harper government further promised to turn western Canada into an "Energy Superpower and a Global Energy Powerhouse" , this was music to the ears of western voters.  In 2008, it was painfully obvious that the eco-radical climate change hysteria movement was gaining power in the USA with the election of Barack Obama.  The Keystone XL pipeline approval was in trouble due to eco-radical obstruction.  To mitigate this risk, Harper encouraged the approval of the Northern Gateway oil pipeline across B.C. 

However, when the project approval process ran into eco-radical obstruction and dysfunctional delay - Harper did not use the government's constitutional authority to override the obstruction to get construction started.  This gave Justin Trudeau and his eco-radical supporters the opportunity to kill the project in 2016 by implementing Bill C-48, the illegal and unfair tanker ban.  

In Alberta during the 2019 election, Jason Kenney promised to fight aggressively for Alberta - but so far his efforts have been unsuccessful.  While Mr. Kenney appears to enjoy routinely speaking in French stating that Albertans are generous and that he is a committed federalist -  Quebec continues to reject the Energy East pipeline.  Quebec prefers to buys its oil from Saudi Arabia while Alberta suffers significant revenue and job losses. 

To add insult to injury, after the Quebec Bloc leader arrogantly stated that; "No new investment should be made in the dirty Alberta Oil Sands"  - Mr. Kenney's only response was weak; "Please stop kicking us when we are  down".  This is clearly not the fighting spirit that Mr. Kenney promised Albertans during the election.  While the Trudeau Liberals allow Quebec to obstruct Alberta's economic growth - they expect Alberta to continue paying Ottawa over $ 20 billion in net federal taxes per year - with over $13 billion being diverted to Quebec in equalization.  This unfair situation is no longer acceptable to people in Western Canada!   

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