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Hold the line: The importance of the US Election for Western Canada

What would you do if you discovered that for decades our democracy has only been an illusion?

While the world awaits rulings on legal challenges of American election results in a number of states, as well as a national lawsuit seeking findings on voter fraud, world leaders among big tech and the mainstream media, have doubled down on selecting their winner without waiting for the Electoral College to decide.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel, French Prime Minister Emmanuel Macron, and British Prime Minister Boris Johnson as well as our own Prime Minister Justin Trudeau have been incredibly early to the gate to congratulate their preferred winner.

In Western Canada, BC Premier John Horgan, Alberta Premier Jason Kenney, and Saskatchewan Premier Scott Moe have all jumped on the early bandwagon of  lending credibility to the Biden “win” and offered congratulations.

The CBC recently tweeted out that our own Canadian government, in bipartisan fashion, voted unanimously on a motion to recognize Joe Biden as the winner of the US Presidential Election.

We are witnessing an unprecedented amount of coordination among state and national leaders to spread disinformation and create an illusion.

But why? What are they trying to protect?

Despite a shared agenda of these world leaders being their push for a “Great Reset”—a once thought conspiracy theory that has now been proven to be true as Justin Trudeau announced its legitimacy during a Zoom conference addressing the United Nations—information of their collective use of Dominion Voting Systems is quickly emerging.

Dominion Voting Systems has been in the cross-hairs lately for its poorly designed tabulator software which has been used across the world.  Smartmatic, the company that is allegedly hacking into the Dominion’s loosely-secure software to manipulate vote results, has been used in over 3,500 elections. Sidney Powell, a member of President Trump’s legal team recently released a bombshell providing insight into the thousands of whistleblowers who have testified to witnessing the abuse by these two companies.

While evidence continues to stack up against Dominion Voting Systems and Smartmatic, one can easily find that we have seen Dominion Voting Systems largely used in our own Canadian elections.

In 2014, an issue caused a delay in the New Brunswick election that when eventually resolved, a Liberal majority was declared. Dominion Voting Systems provided the tabulators for this election.

In 2018, Dominion’s tabulators were used in the Ontario provincial election which led to the victory of PC Leader, Doug Ford.

Dominion’s tabulators were also used in several of Canada’s two-party leadership races, such as the election of Justin Trudeau as Liberal Party Leader in 2013, Andrew Scheer’s victory over Maxime Bernier for the Conservative Party Leadership in 2017, and the recent victory of Erin O’Toole for Conservative Party Leadership this year.

We are watching both sides double down and the boil over has yet to be seen. However, one thing that is for sure, is we know the leaders named above will not simply lay down and surrender to an Electoral College-declared Trump victory.

The White House has become our last hope to maintain our normal and this US Presidential Election could not be more important to the people of Western Canada as Independence would become an unachievable dream after a "Great Reset" and a New World Order.

The threat of Globalism is on our door step. Hold the line.



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