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Is an election on the horizon?

There’s increasing talk of a federal election in the fall. A throne speech is scheduled for September 23rd in which the federal government will outline its policy agenda, followed by a confidence vote. All indications are that the agenda will be focused on a “green” recovery that includes a full-scale assault on the West’s fossil fuel industry, as well as other socialistic policies to hamstring the economy.

If Trudeau’s government loses the confidence vote, a federal election will be held. There’s reason to believe he wants an election because the Liberals have been doing well in the polls, and because he doesn’t want to give the Conservatives a chance to reorganize under their new leader.

However, an election would be the perfect opportunity for the West to take its first step towards freedom—by electing candidates committed to Western independence. In the past, Westerners have relied on the Conservative Party of Canada to represent their interests. But after years of following that strategy, look where we are today: under attack from a hostile central government.

It’s time to abandon the failed strategy and try something new—we must support political leaders whose only allegiance is to the West. Voting for the Conservative Party of Canada under its new leader, Erin O’Trudeau, will not help. Like the Liberals, he publicly supports the Paris climate accord which means Canada must drastically reduce its carbon emissions. That can only be accomplished by severely curtailing the production of the West’s energy resources, leading to job losses and economic calamity. Supporting the Paris climate accord is a gross example of the Conservative Party’s pandering to Central Canadian voters at the expense of the West.

The next federal election—whether it comes sooner or later—presents a tremendous opportunity for the West. Electing MPs committed to Western independence would send a message to Central Canada that we’ve had enough. Although those MPs could not initiate provincial referendums (which are necessary to achieve independence), their election to the national parliament would be a history-making turning point on the path to Western sovereignty.

Westerners can no longer afford to waste their votes on Central Canadian political parties. Only independence offers a new direction towards freedom and prosperity. The choice is clear, and the opportunity to make the right choice may be arriving very soon.



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