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Jason Kenney - An Alberta Federalist - Planning to Fail:

It is widely accepted that Jason Kenney and the federal Conservative party bungled the 2015 federal election - allowing Justin Trudeau with his anti Alberta agenda to take power. Thus began Alberta's descent into economic hell. Rather than staying in Ottawa to compete for the Conservative leadership - Jason Kenney retreated to Alberta in pursuit of new glory, to be crowned as Alberta Premier.

Kenney promised voters he would stand up to Justin Trudeau to fight back against the Liberal discriminatory policies of Bills C-69 & C-48 and he set an objective to collaborate with Quebec to approve the Energy East pipeline.  During his victory speech, Kenney spoke passionately in French to Quebec's Premier Legault stating; "Alberta and Quebec are natural partners in Federalism and we can work together to ensure that oil pipelines are built across Quebec to secure the financial prosperity of Canada and Quebec". 

The next day, Kenney got a reality slap in the face with Quebec stating that Kenney's use of French was accepted as an "elegant gesture" but that "No Social Acceptability exists in Quebec for Alberta oil ".  Further, Quebec's Finance Minister stated that any reductions to equalization payments going to Quebec were "completely unacceptable".

In August 2019, Jason Kenney significantly gave away his leverage vs. Ottawa, stating to CBC;  " I am a Canadian Federalist, I always have been - and I always will be, and I make that clear every day".  He further stated that Albertans enjoyed being generous supporting Eastern Canada with over $630 billion in net tax payments to Ottawa when our economy was strong.

To be equally clear, not many Alberta voters can recall Jason Kenney stating he was a Canadian Federalist during the election campaign.  Further, the majority of people in Alberta do not share Kenney's enthusiasm about supporting Eastern Canada with $630 billion in net payments, either.

As a declared federalist, Jason Kenney has constrained himself in the actions he is willing to take to secure a fair deal for Alberta. As long as Alberta residents and business owners continue to pay federal taxes to Ottawa, without demanding fairness in return - Ottawa will never change its harmful policies towards Alberta.  Justin Trudeau has no incentive to negotiate with Alberta, as too many elements of the Canadian political and intellectual elite are fundamentally anti-Alberta. 

Remaining in Canada as an exploited western colony - is not something that Albertans should have to accept in our future.

An urgent change in direction is required.

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