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Justin Trudeau: Western alienation is "crazy"

When questioned on the unity crisis in the House of Commons following the speech from the throne, Justin Trudeau referred to Western alienation as being “crazy”. This is nothing new. Jean Chretien used to scoff at the notion that we in the West may be alienated as well while his administration continued to mercilessly rob us. Eastern Canadian politicians do not even believe that Western alienation exists, much less that it is something that they need to deal with. They are utterly and totally disconnected from anything that happens West of Thunder Bay.

This week the federal government promised massive spending increases on pretty much everything imaginable while reiterating their plans to shift us all to some mythical “green” economy. Translated, this means that they plan to punish Western industries further while increasing the siphoning of fiscal resources from us as much as possible. It is a recipe for national bankruptcy but again, this government is not bound by concepts such as reality.

The promises from Ottawa predictably infringe directly on provincial jurisdiction. Childcare, housing, healthcare, and skills training are all matters for provincial management, yet the federal government is now speaking of taking over these programs. In doing so, they would have even more ways to direct resources towards Eastern Canada of course.



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