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Oil and gas—not “green energy”—are the fuels of the future

The Canada Energy Regulator, the new federal agency created in 2019 to replace the National Energy Board, has just released its report entitled Canada’s Energy Future 2020 to offer predictions about future energy production and use. Most interestingly, the report predicts that even with stronger climate change policies than those currently being proposed, oil and gas will still account for close to two-thirds of Canada’s energy consumption in the year 2050. In other words, fossil fuels are here to stay for much longer than environmentalists want you to believe.

This is good news for Western Canada. The West—and especially Alberta—produces the vast majority of Canada’s fossil fuels. That’s why Justin Trudeau and the Liberals think shutting down oil production to save the world from climate change is such a good idea: only the West will suffer. Once again, though, he is wrong, as this report from one of his own government agencies attests. Oil production cannot be phased out if Canada is to meet its energy needs.

Fossil fuels such as oil and gas are much cheaper and more efficient than so-called “green” energy. Our modern industrial society was built using fossil fuels, with coal playing a major role. The continued use of oil and gas is essential to maintaining our existing standard of living. When environmentalists and Liberals talk about transitioning to new, supposedly cleaner energy sources, they mean transitioning to a society with a lower standard of living than we currently enjoy. Fossil fuels are a key component of a prosperous economy.

Trudeau and his followers will find this out the hard way since the green energy sources of their dreams will fail to materialize. Even then, the Liberal solution for the energy shortfall will be to follow Quebec’s example—import oil from corrupt Third World dictatorships. That way Trudeau can continue to promote himself as a global climate change saviour by shutting down the Western Canadian oil industry, while at the same time ensuring his core supporters in places like Toronto and Montreal can continue to heat their homes and fuel their cars with foreign oil.

The bottom line is that realistic predictions about future energy use indicate that oil and gas will continue to play a key role in modern industrial societies. Western Canada contains plentiful supplies of oil and gas, so it will remain a key source of energy for domestic and foreign markets. This means prosperity for the West as long as those resources can be developed. With Trudeau’s continued climate change obsession, the West will need to pursue independence to enact policies favourable to energy development. A free West will be a prosperous West.



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