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Pipelines for prosperity—the result of an independent West

Western Canada is one of the most energy-rich regions of the world. Fossil fuels—oil, natural gas and coal—are incredibly plentiful. On top of that, Saskatchewan contains the largest high-grade uranium mine in the world. With a small population, though, these resources are primarily produced for export. The world needs energy, and Western Canada has a plentiful supply.

Unfortunately, the greatest adversary of the West’s energy abundance is the federal government. Governments are supposed to enact policies to encourage economic development and prosperity for their citizens. Not in Canada, though. Here, our purported “leader,” Justin Trudeau, does the opposite. He wants to thwart the development and economic well-being of Westerners, and he does so through efforts like Bill C-69, the “No More Pipelines Bill.” The Prime Minister of Canada deliberately blocks the building of pipelines that are desperately needed in the West.

By doing this, Trudeau thinks he will save the world from climate change by killing the West’s fossil fuel industry. He is vain enough to think that the world’s future is in his own hands, and that he is the saviour everyone is waiting for. He is eager to receive the praise of “major world leaders” such as Greta Thunberg, the teenage Joan of Arc for ill-informed and undereducated student activists—those with the most passion but least knowledge and experience.

By blocking future pipeline development, Trudeau is strangling the West’s economy and he knows it. What concern is a destitute West to him? He is kept in power by voters in the East anyway, and they have no more love for the West than he does.

But the West needs more pipelines. Once the COVID pandemic is over, oil consumption around the world will surge, and there won’t be enough capacity to transport it all to market. Those pipelines need to be built now.

This can only happen by first achieving Western independence. An independent West can build every pipeline necessary to carry its increasing production of oil and natural gas. The resulting prosperity will benefit all Westerners as the economy grows and the newly independent government receives plentiful taxes and resource royalties to finance social programs. In this way, achieving independence will lead to widespread prosperity for everyone across the West.



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