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Post-secession: What our relationship with Eastern Canada could look like

One of the concerns often expressed by people considering Western independence is of the relationship which would be had with Canada post-secession. What about family members on the other side of what will be a new border? What about business relationships? What about travel? These are all legitimate concerns.

The good news is when nations democratically split a strong, friendly and prosperous relationship often remains.

Sweden and Norway had a testy relationship as they both were under the rule of one monarch and shared foreign policies. They had their individual identities but were combined into one nation, much like Canadian provinces of today. Tensions escalated over the years until Norway and Sweden formally split 1905 after a Norwegian plebiscite showed overwhelming support among the citizens for independence. Today, Sweden and Norway enjoy one of the closest national relationships on earth as they freely trade and cross each other's borders while still maintaining their individual national identities. If anything, the secession of Norway brought the two nations closer together in the long run.

In 1993 Czechoslovakia peacefully split into the sovereign states of Slovakia and the Czech Republic. As with Sweden and Norway, the new states enjoy a close and peaceful relationship with each other and both have been increasingly in prosperity since gaining their independence from each other.



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