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Ramping-up Trudeau’s attack on the West

The September 23 throne speech wasn’t as overtly socialist as many had feared it would be, but it still wasn’t any good. Just because oil company executives aren’t being sent to gulags doesn’t mean Westerners can relax. In conjunction with increased federal intrusion into provincial jurisdictions, there is going to be a massive expansion of the size and power of the federal government—a spending spree financed by debt. Furthermore, all indications clearly point to a continued full-scale attack on the West, especially its fossil fuel industry.

In the speech, the Trudeau Government openly reiterated its goal of eliminating the West’s energy industry when it stated: “The Government will immediately bring forward a plan to exceed Canada’s 2030 climate goal. The Government will also legislate Canada’s goal of net-zero emissions by 2050.” Notice the phrase “exceed Canada’s 2030 climate goal.” That means going beyond its original Paris Agreement targets for reducing carbon emissions by drastically decreasing the use of fossil fuels in just a few short years.

This is not only impossible, but nutty. Oil is the main energy source powering the world’s economy. That’s not about to change any time soon, certainly not by 2030, and probably not by 2050 either. Canada will continue to depend on oil as its main energy source regardless of the Liberals’ stated “goals.”

These are facts that Trudeau and his ideological henchmen conveniently ignore in their continued effort to shut down fossil fuel production in the West. Their fairy tale delusions of a green new deal will run up against economic reality, but it will be mainly Westerners who pay the price for their foolhardy policies. That’s why he now wants to “exceed” the original climate goal—to exact revenge upon Westerners for their failure to support him.

Trudeau hates the West, and his sights continue to target this region as the throne speech clearly indicated.



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