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Survey Results: Should Masks Be Mandatory?

In a survey commissioned by WEXIT Movement Inc., the question was asked: Should masks be mandatory? No preamble was made to support or not to support mandated mask use. Of the 5,339 online respondents 4,858 (91%) said no while 481 (9%) said yes.

While there has been a great deal of debate and controversy over the efficacy of mask use in the prevention of COVID-19, this stark survey is indicative of something much deeper than a debate over the prevention of a pandemic. What the survey has revealed is an entrenched distrust of government and a disinclination to empower the state further no matter what the cause may be. Government is reaching too far, and people are ready to push back.

It is important to note the simplicity of the survey question. Not everybody who voted “no” opposes the use of masks. Many or possibly most of those who voted against the mandating of mask use may be voluntarily using masks right now and feeling that it helps. What people are rejecting is the state mandating of the mask use. People do not trust the government and they do not want to see further interference on the part of the state in their lives.

Another noteworthy aspect of this survey was that it was only conducted West of Ontario (including the Territories) and was advertised to the general public without specifications.

The West is long accustomed to malevolent actions on the part of the government and rarely has any appetite for growth of the reach of the state. The number of people supportive of the state mandating mask use likely is much higher in Eastern Canada where government has traditionally been a benefactor of the citizens.



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