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The Buffalo Party scored a victory in the Saskatchewan election

While no seats were won, the Buffalo Party of Saskatchewan has cemented itself as a serious and permanent player on the Saskatchewan electoral scene. In drilling through the numbers, one can't help but be impressed by the showing from a party which was created in June of this year.

With only 17 candidates running while being ignored by media and with a pandemic limiting campaigning, the Buffalo Party still finished third overall. The average Buffalo Party candidate garnered 650 votes while the average Green candidate took 152 and PC candidate took 257 despite being well established parties. The Buffalo Party is the clear up and comer.

In holding that average, the Buffalo Party would have taken over 10% of the provincial vote had they run a full slate of candidates in the election. An astounding feat with such challenges as a brand new entity.

The Buffalo Party finished a very strong second place in a number of constituencies as well.

The simple message was independence and Saskatchewan voters embraced it. The Buffalo Party is now established and in coming years the party can grow and organize as they have a solid base to work from.

There are still many challenges for the nascent party to overcome and it can be tough to gain momentum between elections. In winning the largest electoral support for an independence-minded party since the 1980s though, the Buffalo Party has demonstrated that they aren't going away any time soon. They are a strong contender who will only grow as nothing changes on the federal scene.

The Western independence movement is on the rise and the Buffalo Party reflected that on Monday night.



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