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The culture of corruption in Central Canada will never change

While we in the West are infuriated as we see the Trudeau government blatantly cover their corruption through the destruction of essential documents in the WE scandal, most of us are also mystified by the indifference being shown to this corruption by Central Canadians. While it is enraging for us to observe, citizens of Ontario and Quebec appear to view corruption as being no big deal. What has to be understood is that corruption is culturally entrenched in the Laurentian regions, particularly Quebec. They simply see it as a part of doing business.

From the Airbus affair with Mulroney to Adscam with Chretien to the WE scandal of today, large corruption scandals in Ottawa break periodically yet nothing ever seems to change. While in the West we are ready to take to the streets, Central Canadians appear to forget these issues happened within days. Old stock Canadians look at corruption as simply being a part of doing business. Western Canadians tend to be of the new money and self-made crowd. We simply don't and can't understand how such activities aren't a big deal which needs to be ended.

In 2011, the Charbonneau Commission was established to examine corruption in Quebec. The commission found widespread corruption from price fixing schemes between construction companies and municipal governments to rampant illegal contributions to provincial politicians. While this made the news for a few weeks, it was quickly forgotten, and nothing changed. It is hardly a surprise that Montreal is the main city for Canada's mafia presence and criminal biker organizations. They see it as a safe place to do business and they are right.

The reason that Trudeau didn't hesitate to use a federally backed charity in order to enrich his family members is that it never for a second occurred to him that he was doing anything wrong. He has been raised in that culture of corruption and entitlement and he is incapable of understanding why we are furious with his actions in the West.



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