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The French Connection - An Expensive Burden:

During the Seven Years War, the English army defeated the French forces in 1759 at the Battle of the Plains of Abraham and England formally acquired ownership of Quebec in 1763. Rather than using military force and authority to control Quebec - England decided to follow a Policy of appeasement towards Quebec, to earn their loyalty and to promote national unity.

Unfortunately, the policies of appeasement have not worked as intended. To their credit, Quebec has always been clever and aggressive to exploit every possible advantage for Quebec's benefit. As the saying goes; "Give them an inch and they will take a mile" accurately describes relations with Quebec.    

Quebec's influence in Canada took another leap forward with the election of Pierre Trudeau as Liberal Prime Minister in the 1970's. With the Liberal party owing its support to voters in Quebec, Pierre Trudeau's agenda was all about capturing greater political power for Quebec and extorting significant wealth from Western Canada for Quebec's benefit.  The best example being Trudeau's corrupt National Energy Program that brazenly extorted and stole over $100 billion in energy profits from Alberta.

Today, Western Canada is becoming painfully aware that the Federal fiscal transfer system is unfairly biased in favor of Quebec and has become very expensive for Western taxpayers. Statistics Canada reports that from 1961 to 2018, Quebec received net financial transfer payments of $497.2 billion - all paid for by taxpayers in Alberta, Ontario, British Columbia.  On a pro rata basis, Alberta has paid Quebec $203.9 billion of that amount, Ontario paid $248.6 billion and British Columbia paid $44.7 billion. On a per capita basis, adjusting for population, Alberta has paid the largest share of payments to Quebec.    

Regarding energy pipelines, the Quebec government arrogantly believes it has the authority to block federal infrastructure across Quebec and will therefore not allow Alberta to build the proposed Energy East oil export pipeline. Quebec prefers to purchase its oil from Saudi Arabia - while continuing their aggressive demands to receive financial support from Alberta. Quebec's obstruction of Energy East is illegal and should not be tolerated by the federal government.  However, Justin Trudeau, like his father before him, is beholden to Quebec interests and will never support Alberta.      

Finally, contrary to the opinion of Alberta Premier, Jason Kenney - "Who says that Albertans are happy to generously support Quebec and Eastern Canada " - The vast majority of people in Alberta would strongly disagree.

The West has no obligation to financially support Quebec any longer.   

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