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The independence parties and WEXIT

WEXIT was started by a small number of dedicated and courageous individuals who are determined to register- Western Independence - as a viable political option.  Now months later, we embrace the growing momentum for change in Western Canada. The people of Western Canada have been disrespected and financially pillaged by Ottawa - they are tired, worried for their future and are demanding change.  

We undertake to use our freedom of speech to express our disappointment with those political parties and leaders who are currently failing to represent the people of Western Canada.  We undertake to monitor the new Independence political parties formed to rectify this problem.  In Alberta through the "Wildrose Independence Party“ (formerly Wexit Alberta), in Saskatchewan through the "Buffalo Party “ (formerly Wexit Saskatchewan),and federally through the “Maverick Party" (formerly Wexit Canada).

The question many of us are wondering is whether the new political parties can complete the task given to them by the people who supported the formation of these parties? 

  • Can they continue to move forward with a strong Independence mandate?
  • Can they push the boundaries far enough to educate the entrenched skeptical voices?
  • Will they have the will power to resist the current pressure to adopt political correctness?
  • Can they fix the unfairness and produce the actual change that people are demanding?

The new parties must look to their leaders to be held accountable and to demand different and more aggressive approaches to not silence the strong voices. They must walk the talk and yet be gentle enough to understand and overcome the fear of change and confusion. They will not be granted the liberty of the old political methods and agendas. These parties were born from a need for change, vision, heart, and true grassroots.

The people will demand those chosen as their leaders to carry forward with ethics and compassion and strength.  They must kill desires and temptations to distort, water down and cave to the allure of political correctness, instant acceptance, and personal gratification.

The WEXIT Movement is a vision for each of you to have a voice in that political direction. It was built for all of you. It is a gift never given or valued by politicians of the past. The WEXIT Movement shall unify the people of Western Canada together in the same direction.

WEXIT is OUR movement and OUR voice and OUR commitment to arrive at the end of the journey together. There must be transparency, accountability, support, and freedom of speech.    

WEXIT will stand with the people of Western Canada to demand accountability from all political parties elected to represent us.



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