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The Landlocked Argument

The most common line used in opposition of Western independence has to be: “But you would be landlocked!” as if this in itself means we should simply give up and accept our role as Canada's doormat. This is presuming that BC is not on board yet.There are a few points to be made in countering that statement.

To begin with, we are already landlocked!

Provinces block the movement of labour and goods all the time within Canada while the federal government blocks critical infrastructure to our exports such as pipelines and shipping in order to win votes in Central Canada. We can ship oil to Montana yet can't get a pipeline to New Brunswick. Meanwhile our agricultural producers have their goods stranded as federally regulated rail infrastructure can't keep up with demand.

There are over 40 landlocked nations in the world and many of them are doing just fine. Nations have much greater negotiating power with their neighbours than provinces do with a centralized government. An independent West would hold much more clout in trying to access the East or West coasts than it does today. For BC or Eastern Canada to blockade the movement of goods or people from an independent West it would be sheer idiocy. They would pay a terrible price as they could no longer move their own goods or people across the continent. As with the rest of the nations around the world, we would make agreements and they would serve us far better in an independent West than they do now.

Many Canadians will still have family, friends and business relationships with people within an independent West. They are not going to stand by and accept a spiteful border blockade by the Canadian government.

Whenever somebody says the old “You would be landlocked!” line to you, just respond with: “Yes! We would be like Switzerland, but with oil & agriculture!”



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