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The Personal Cost of Canadian Federalism (Per Capita)

This chart shows the per capita (or per person) annual cost to western taxpayers of supporting Quebec and the Maritimes.

Showing the annual per person costs to western taxpayers is often an easier way to communicate the unfairness of the Federal transfer system.

Taxpayers in Western Canada and Ontario (in red) carry the load for Eastern Canada (in green) who receive the benefits of Federalism. Alberta taxpayers alone pay the highest per capita share of this burden to Canada, at $5,243 per person.  While taxpayers in Quebec receive a net benefit of $1,979 per person.    

This system of unfair taxation forces people in the west to pay while people in the East receive the benefits. This system of organized theft and pillage is no longer sustainable. People in Western Canada can no longer afford to support social service spending in Quebec and the Maritimes.  The taxes raised in Western Canada must be retained in the West to take care of our own people, who are suffering.




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