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The West needs systemic change, not a new Conservative leader

What does the selection of a new leader for the Conservative Party of Canada mean for Western Canada?

Absolutely nothing.

It wouldn't matter if the new leader came from the West. It wouldn't matter if the new leader had won their title on a pro-West platform and it sure wouldn't matter if the new leader actually became Canada's Prime Minister. The West will still get the short end of the stick in Canada.

Why is this so?

It's the system!

Canada's constitution was drafted as the BNA act over 150 years ago. It was a document created to manage a nation where the Western portion was little more than a distant colony which fed raw resources into the central part of the nation. Little has changed since then and little will change as long as we try to work within this broken system.

Canada's constitution ensures that the East will always have a disproportional amount of seats in the Senate and Parliament. This means that any party in power must cater to the needs of Eastern Canada or their term in office will be cut quite short.

The formula to change the system requires consent from Ontario and Quebec. In other words, the system will never change within Canada.

There is only one way for Western Canada to change the system and that is for a province or provinces to break free of it. Independence will provide opportunity to draft a modern system based on individual rights and democracy rather than the current system which is built to serve the needs of the few.

We have to stop trying to rearrange the deck chairs on the Titanic and realize that nothing will stop it from sinking. When enough Westerners realize that they have to stop trying to fix things from within a fatally flawed system, we will finally see the tipping point where independence becomes the option for the majority.



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