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The world needs Western Canada's oil

Justin Trudeau and his environmentalist friends are waging war on Western Canada’s energy sector. His stated objective to “phase out” the oilsands and end Canada’s reliance on fossil fuels is very popular among the progressive elites of Laurentian Canada, not to mention Paris and New York. His plan, essentially, is to devastate the West so that he can claim he saved the world from climate change. He can pose as a hero on the world stage by sacrificing the people of Alberta and Saskatchewan, a price he is more than happy to pay.

Trudeau’s environmentalist allies are helping him by actively seeking to prevent the development of fossil fuels in Western Canada. They claim that the use of fossil fuels is leading to irreversible damage to the climate. Their view on oil is to “keep it in the ground” so that it can’t be used. One way to do that is to prevent the construction of pipelines so that fossil fuels cannot be transported to market. This explains Trudeau's cancellation of the Northern Gateway pipeline, his arranging for the cancellation of the Energy East pipeline through regulatory red tape, and his passage of Bill C-69, the “No More Pipelines Bill.”

However, Trudeau and his allies face an unsolvable problem—fossil fuels currently power the world’s economy. They supply over 80 percent of global energy, and there has been a massive increase in energy consumption over the last 20 years. At this point, there is no known energy source (with the possible exception of nuclear energy) that could come close to replacing fossil fuels.

Fossil fuels have a very high “energy density,” which is how scientists measure the amount of energy available from any particular source. By comparison, surface sunlight and wind volumes have very low energy density. Fossil fuels are also reliable and available at a relatively low cost. As a result, the possibility of solar and wind energy replacing fossil fuels is nil. The choice right now is essentially between fossil fuel or no fuel at all. But Trudeau ignores all this in his war on the West.

Canada currently has the third largest proven reserves of oil in the world, after Venezuela and Saudi Arabia. Most of those reserves are in Alberta and Saskatchewan. Development of these resources is being deliberately inhibited by Trudeau’s government, which is determined to sacrifice the West to appease climate change activists in Central Canada.

But the world needs that oil, and once Alberta and Saskatchewan become independent, there will be no remaining political obstacles to its development. Because of this, independence will bring prosperity to Western Canada as sure as the spring follows the winter.



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