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Trudeau favours globalists over Westerners—Paris over Calgary

Justin Trudeau, Canada’s prime minister and aspiring climate change saviour, likes to hail his government’s commitment to the Paris Agreement. The Paris Agreement was adopted by close to 200 nations on December 12, 2015, as part of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change’s 21st Conference of Parties. Supposedly, all of the signatory countries made commitments to implement policies reducing carbon emissions.

Reducing carbon emissions won’t be easy and the sincerity of many countries in fulfilling their commitments is doubtful. How many governments are truly willing to harm their own economies—and thus their own citizens—instead of pursuing economic prosperity and higher standards of living? Trudeau will, of course, but that’s because the damage he inflicts to achieve his climate change targets will fall mostly on the West. Rather than facing a personal dilemma between helping his own citizens or meeting carbon reduction targets (like most leaders face), Trudeau gets to put the boots to Westerners while he pursues those targets, making it a win-win situation for him.

The Canadian oil industry is centered in Calgary, the largest prairie city, which has long resisted Trudeau and his Liberal Party. Calgary is symbolic of the oil industry and the prosperity of the West. In other words, it’s symbolic of what Trudeau hates. He much prefers the global elites of the UN and the celebrity status he receives while strutting around at international conferences. To him, Paris and what it represents is a much more desirable metropolis than Cowtown in Alberta.

In contrast to Trudeau, leaders who care for their citizens defend the interests of their own countries. For example, although President Barack Obama signed the United States onto the Paris Agreement, President Donald Trump subsequently withdrew from it, knowing that it was harmful to America. Trump saw the horrible economic consequences of implementing the agreement and decided to put the interests of Americans over that of a UN document and the global elites. But Trudeau much prefers Obama’s approach because he is part of that global elite and he caters to its wishes. The Paris Agreement is much more fashionable than the oil industry of Calgary so it’s easy for Trudeau to prefer Paris over Calgary—which means favouring globalists over Western Canadians.



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