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Trudeau is using the pandemic as a shield

Talk about kicking the West when its down. While the entire nation grapples with economically crippling lockdowns in response to the pandemic, Justin Trudeau has chosen now to announce a massive increase of carbon taxes which will of course disproportionately damage the West. People are too busy fighting to stave off bankruptcy to pay attention to federal politicians and the Liberals know it. They will hide behind the pandemic and force through as many permanent policies as they can while it rages.

A little over a year ago, federal Environment Minister Catherine McKenna assured us that the carbon tax was not going to rise above $50 per tonne. Yesterday her leader announced that the carbon tax will be incrementally increased until it hits $170 per tonne.

This massive increase in carbon taxes will harm all Canadians. While people will see the cost most directly on their heating bills and at the gas pumps, the taxes will also make every other consumer good rise in cost as well. The Liberals are creating an inefficient rebate scheme to address this which will of course make the West pay the bulk of the cost while the East takes the cash.

Agricultural producers and energy companies will be slammed by this tax increase. Those industries are predominantly in the West of course and no rebates will be saving them. That is the intent of our ideological leaders in Ottawa though. They can't have their Great Reset until they bring the West to its knees and this tax will go a long way towards that goal.



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