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Trudeau moving to kill the Alberta to Alaska rail project

Well, it didn't take long but it wasn't totally unexpected. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is already dropping hints that he will be using Bill-C69 (the pipeline killing bill) in order to stop the Alberta to Alaska rail project dead in its tracks.

The Alberta to Alaska rail line holds tremendous potential for economic diversity and development within the West. New export markets will be opened up for every Western product from grain to potash to oil. Tourism could blossom and Western Canada could even become a hub for outward distribution of imported goods from other nations. Such an access to a foreign deep water port would also aid in Western independence from Ottawa's economic control thus the quick moves to kill this project from Trudeau.

Bill C-69 makes any new project unviable. The demands packed into Ottawa legislation for everything from end user emission controls to gender parity make it impossible for a project to qualify for construction. That is why the Energy East pipeline was shut down and why no new major pipelines are in the works.

Trudeau said: “Whether there is a potential for a project, before the procurement goes too far down the round and invests too much money in it, in something that is unlikely to pass,”

Essentially Trudeau is telling investors to stay away. Ottawa will not let this line through.


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