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Trudeau's crushing carbon tax is China's best friend

A carbon tax is essentially a tax on everything. It will raise the cost for us to heat our homes and drive our cars. It will destroy conventional energy production companies while raising the cost to transport all consumer goods. Every company that uses heat or has vehicles will have to raise prices on their products and consumers will be the ones on the hook as usual. Agricultural producers will be slammed and food prices will rise.

While Canada kills its economy with this virtue signalling exercise, China will be laughing all the way to the bank.

China doesn't care about emissions. They will happily continue to burn coal and ignore all environmental protocols in order to manufacture cheap goods to sell to nations like Canada which idiotically destroyed their own manufacturing base with taxes. How can domestic industries compete with China when Trudeau is determined to punish them for doing business at every turn?

Canadian consumers are already bled dry. They can't afford to pay an extra premium for locally produced products. They are having trouble putting food on the table as it is. Chinese made goods are becoming a necessity as we stop producing our own goods and our household incomes drop.



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