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Trudeau's Socialist Agenda - Federal Control of Western Canadian Resources, Like Father like Son:

In the 1970's Pierre Trudeau had a close personal friendship with Fidel Castro, the Communist dictator of Cuba.  When Fidel Castro died in 2016,  Justin Trudeau revealed his affection for Castro and his Socialist policies with the following glowing comments;

“I know my father was very proud to call Fidel Castro a friend.  On behalf of all Canadians, Sophie and I offer our deepest condolences to the family, friends and many, many supporters of Mr. Castro. We join the people of Cuba today in mourning the loss of this remarkable leader.”

Contrary to Trudeau's misguided affections - Castro's Socialist dictatorship was and is an economic and human rights disaster for the Cuban people.    

In 1980,  Pierre Trudeau attacked Alberta with the implementation of his Socialist policy called the National Energy Program (NEP).  The NEP did not respect the Constitution and imposed a special punitive tax on western energy revenues, resulting in the theft of over $100 billion in Alberta profits for the benefit of Ottawa and Eastern Canada.  The NEP was rigorously opposed by Alberta Premier Peter Lougheed with the NEP being scrapped in 1985 when Pierre Trudeau lost power. 

Unfortunately Socialism has emerged again with the election of Justin Trudeau.  Trudeau again is targeting Western Canada with unfair policies such as Bill C-69, with Ottawa's intervention into Provincial jurisdiction regarding energy projects, and Bill C-48 with Ottawa blocking the marine transport of Alberta heavy oil from northern BC seaports. 

Both C-69 and C-48 are justified to the general public as Canada's contribution to saving the global environment.   However at only 1.6% of worldwide CO2 emissions - Canada has virtually no impact!  A fact well known to Trudeau.  

So what is the real Trudeau Agenda against the western resource industry?  Is it really about saving the  world ?  Or is it simply an ongoing Liberal strategy to take over control of the resource industry and steal wealth from the West for the benefit of Eastern Canada?   

As evidence, witness the recent government purchase of the TMX oil pipeline to Vancouver.  When the project was privately owned by Kinder Morgan - Trudeau actively supported the obstruction of the project by foreign funded eco-radical groups using the liberal courts and the onerous requirements of Bill C-69 to delay the project. 

All of these tactics were deliberate to frustrate Kinder Morgan and helped the federal government purchase the project giving Ottawa greater control and leverage over Alberta's energy industry.       

Justin Trudeau, like his father before him, has no respect for Alberta and Saskatchewan under the Constitution.  To ensure the economic viability of our future - a new direction is urgently required.   

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