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Trudeau's speech on the “great reset” is chilling

If you haven't seen it, watch it here: Justin Trudeau COVID-19 Address. In a recent address, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau spoke of pursuing the UN Agenda 2030 along with the “great reset” in response to the pandemic crisis.

For those not familiar with it, the concepts of the “great reset” and UN Agenda 2030 have been out there for some time now. They both essentially call for embracing world socialism and using environmentalism or a crisis as a means to justify it. While being real and public, these concepts were often dismissed as nobody really thought that any serious national leader would ever pursue such an extreme agenda in the developed world. With Trudeau's address it has become clear that this agenda is very real.

To “reset” the economy, it has to be torn down first. While we are unfortunately well on the way, there are still some active remnants of the Western Canadian economy hanging in there. In pursuing the UN Agenda 2030, the target is more clearly on the back of the West than ever. Trudeau is not even trying to hide it anymore and that is terrifying.

Lined up behind Trudeau are several ideologues and advisers who are more than eager to keep pushing Trudeau to pursue this destructive course. The NDP who prop Trudeau up are thrilled to pursue this push for mandated socialism as well. Changing the Prime Minister will change nothing as the establishment who are truly behind this agenda will remain.

While Western independence has been essential for some time now, this development demonstrates just how critical it is that we break free from confederation and soon. We will have little to save if we allow this to continue much longer.



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