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Trudeau’s trail of corruption

During an investigation by Conservative MPs into the Trudeau family’s speaking fees at WE events, it was revealed that some of the relevant documents had already been shredded. The company that handled the documents claimed the shredding was routine and not related to any investigation, but it sure looks suspicious. Many see this as a coverup.

Justin Trudeau, of course, was involved in the decision to award a lucrative sole-sourced government contract to WE, even though his mother and brother Alexandre were paid tens-of-thousands of dollars for speaking at WE events. This is what the Conservative MPS were investigating—Trudeau’s clearly unethical activity.

The WE ethics scandal is part of Trudeau’s pattern of corruption. Early in his first term, he vacationed at the expense of the Aga Khan, even though the Aga Khan Foundation received tens-of-millions of dollars from the federal government. This broke conflict of interest rules.

And then there was Trudeau’s firing of Minister of Justice Jody Wilson-Raybould for failing to use her office to improperly help SNC-Lavalin for Trudeau’s political benefit. Even many people in Ottawa knew that this was outrageous behaviour.

The truth is, Justin Trudeau has left a trail of corruption throughout his time as prime minister. Yet, he was re-elected in October 2019 on the strength of his support in Ontario and Quebec. People in those provinces know that Trudeau runs the country for their benefit so they’re willing to overlook corruption. A corrupt prime minister is a small price to pay for policies that benefit the East at the expense of the West.

Westerners see things very differently. Trudeau and his corruption are despised. But we can’t just head over to the House of Commons to stage a noisy protest in front of the media, so we are ignored.

The average Easterner has no idea of the anger at Trudeau here in the West. And even when we get to express ourselves through elections, Eastern MPs easily form a majority government without any representation from the West. Our opinions do not matter to them, and we as citizens don’t matter to them either. It’s been this way from the beginning, so the West needs to forge its own path independent of Ottawa’s corruption.



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