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UCP falls while independence climbs polls in Alberta

Just as the Buffalo Party of Saskatchewan made fantastic inroads for independence in Saskatchewan, demand for independence is exploding onto the scene in Alberta as Jason Kenney's federalist United Conservative Party see's its support collapse.

In a poll conducted by Mainstreet Research, the brand new and still leaderless Wildrose Independence Party was found to be at 9 percent province wide while the governing UCP has dropped down to a dismal 26 percent support. The NDP support levels barely rose as support is gathering toward independence.

The poll of 1,003 adults has a margin of error of +/- 3.09 per cent and a 95 per cent confidence level.

The federalist approach is failing in the West and independence parties are filling the void. The West has had enough, and it is now beginning to show at the polls. Nothing less than independence is going to satisfy or save us now and we are on our way.

Our work is far from done but when we see polls like this, we know that we are beginning to see a lasting impact. Now is not the time to take our foot off the gas. We must keep the pressure on until independence support dominates the West.



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