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VOTER FRAUD: Elections Canada declares innocence

As evidence of voter fraud in the US 2020 Election continues to increase on a daily basis, the use of Dominion Voting Systems’ tabulation manipulation software by several prominent Canadian political figures has opened up the flood gates of the Canadian citizenry to begin investigating into election fraud right here at home. Many of whom are now asking Elections Canada to provide insight into the legitimacy of our own Canadian Elections.

On Tuesday, November 17th, 2020, Elections Canada made a statement on their Facebook Page claiming, “Elections Canada does not use Dominion Voting Systems. We use paper ballots counted by hand in front of scrutineers and have never used voting machines or electronic tabulators to count votes in our 100-year history. #CdnPoli”

While Elections Canada may be able to verify that electronic tabulation is not used, many unanswered questions still remain into Elections Canada’s role in solidifying a Trudeau re-election through other avenues of negligence and voter fraud.

  1. Thousands of dead/non-citizen voters were sent voter cards by Elections Canada. View article here.
  2. SNC Lavalin contributions to the Liberal Party of Canada violated election law—Elections Canada withheld information to the public until 2019. View article here.
  3. Elections Canada clears Liberal Minister after failing to report donations tied to Clintons. View article #1 here, and article #2 here.
  4. Elections Canada sent a voter registration card to an asylum seeker who has only been in Canada for 18 months. View article here.
  5. Canadian Muslim Voting Guide breached federal law: Elections commissioner. View article here.

If there is truth to be uncovered, we must continue demanding that it is. We cannot allow the illusion of democracy. As long as we are a free society, we must fight to protect it.



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