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We’ve tried everything else – now it’s time for independence

Many Westerners are fed up with Canada but are nevertheless willing to give it one more chance. They say that we should first try to reform Canada, and if that doesn’t work, only then should the West pursue secession. For them, an independent West is Plan B.

The problem with that idea is we’ve been down that road before. Many times over the last few decades, Western leaders have tried to improve the place of the West within Canada through institutional or policy changes. We’ve had our leaders advocate for a Triple-E (equal, elected, effective) Senate to get better representation within the federal government. We’ve voted for the Reform Party of Canada. We’ve voted for the Canadian Alliance. We’ve voted for the Conservative Party of Canada, and so on.

Clearly, none of these efforts have worked. Decades have been wasted trying to improve the West’s status within Confederation without anything to show for the all work done.

Let’s face it – we’ve tried to reform Canada, over and over again, but nothing ever changes. The fact is that Central Canada does not take the West seriously. The people of Toronto, Montreal, and Ottawa like things just the way they are, and will not accept any changes favouring the West. Trying to make constitutional modifications or other reforms at this point is a complete waste of time and money because it will accomplish nothing—absolutely nothing.

Independence is the only way forward. It is the only meaningful solution to the West’s problems. Westerners need to stop thinking that Central Canada is willing to adopt solutions to accommodate the West. That is the kind of wishful thinking that has kept us in bondage for decades.



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