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Western Taxation - "Without” Representation

Alberta's Premier Jason Kenney -  routinely states that "Albertans are happy to have paid generous amounts of taxes to the Federal government for social program spending in Quebec and Eastern Canada" - totalling over $630 billion net since 1960.

Really?  Mr. Kenney is clearly disconnected from reality.  People in Alberta and Saskatchewan are extremely unhappy knowing they have been betrayed.  They are fully aware they have been financially exploited by the federal government.  They have paid their taxes faithfully - but have received no representation or assistance in return.   

Mr. Kenney complains often and provides clear examples of how unfairly Alberta has been treated - yet he is unwilling to take any decisive action to gain leverage and to defend Alberta taxpayers.  In fact, Mr. Kenney has never shown any interest in correcting tax unfairness.  As a senior cabinet Minister in the Harper government and the MP for Calgary Southeast from 1997 to 2016 - Kenney took no action to address this unfair situation for Alberta taxpayers.  By his own admission, Mr. Kenney is a committed Federalist, and by his lack of effective action, he tacitly supports the current system.  

At this time in our history - the people of Alberta and Saskatchewan can no longer afford to support the Big Government Socialist Agenda of Justin Trudeau and Eastern Canada. It has been said that "Possession is 9/10 of the law" - therefore until the West stops the unfair tax payments to Ottawa, nothing will ever change.

It is time for the people of Alberta and Saskatchewan - to demand that our leaders stand up and stop the organized theft of wealth from Western Canada.  It is time to stop the flow of tax payments going to Ottawa, as we need to retain this money here at home - to take care of our own people. 

An urgent change in direction is required.

Wexit Now!   



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