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Westerners are expendable in the eyes of Trudeau

When people in places like Toronto and Montreal vote for Justin Trudeau’s Liberals, they think they are helping to avert an impending climate change disaster. They believe Trudeau’s rhetoric that he can save the world with his green policies. But they also know that those policies will come at the expense of Westerners, and that Easterners will be spared the worst economic consequences of Trudeau’s actions.

Claiming that they can prevent climate change, the Liberal government has worked aggressively to block the development and distribution of the West’s energy resources. Because energy is such a significant component of the West’s economy, this means that the Liberals have been—deliberately—preventing Western economic development. But it’s actually worse than that sounds because economic development means jobs. That is to say, Trudeau’s gang is—deliberately—eliminating jobs in Western Canada.

In other words, Westerners are expendable. Our jobs and livelihoods don’t count. So what if Westerners must live in poverty due to deliberate Liberal policy? We don’t matter to the important people out East. They’d just as soon see us starve, and they’re doing what they can to make sure we do.

The next time you vote, remember that Liberals in places such as Toronto and Montreal would like to see you starve so that they can claim they did their part to prevent climate change by voting for Justin Trudeau. They’re heroes in their own eyes for saving the world by impoverishing Westerners. We’re just roadkill on the highway to an imaginary utopian green planet.

Besides, it’s no skin off their back. As always, hard-working people in the West have to pay so that Liberals in the East can feel good about themselves.



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