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Will Ottawa prevent the Alaska to Alberta (A2A) Railway Project?

President Trump's announcement in support of the Alaska to Alberta (A2A) railway project was a great step forward in the West's future independence from confederation. Because of this, we can unfortunately look forward to the federal government putting up roadblocks to hinder and eventually cancel this great initiative. In having a Western trade route to coastal waters which bypasses even British Columbia, the federal stranglehold on Western economic development will have been weakened. The Laurentian elite of Canada simply can't abide by this.

The A2A rail line will move petroleum products, grain, potash, passengers and more. Such a line could bring imported items as well which could help establish the West as a critical product distribution hub. Regions along the line would have increased economic development opportunities as well with access to transportation and markets. This would be a boon to local indigenous people who are limited in economic development due to their isolated lands.

The A2A group has been working on this project for some years now. They are securing private investment and have made many deals with indigenous stakeholders along the route already. This fantastic project can only be held up by one thing; federal interference.

The West needs to make it clear that we will not tolerate any federal interference in this critical infrastructure development. There is only one thing which will truly protect our interests in the long run and that is nothing less than full independence from confederation. In the meantime, we can and must work to ensure that we get the infrastructure we will require in independence built. This railway is exactly what we need and exactly what the East fears.



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