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Without unity, our independence is impossible

The biggest threat to the Western independence movement always comes from within. As independent minded people, it feels counter-intuitive to move as a group. We speak our minds and are tenacious on points of principle. Those are good traits as individuals but they make political organization challenging. We can be prone to infighting, splintering and walking out of the room on each other. The only way to keep making progress is to make sure we keep our eyes on the only prize that matters which is Western independence.

Support for Western independence is at an all time high and it's growing. Because of this, groups and political parties are forming in every Western province. This is fantastic but it can be a double-edged sword as it leads to tribalism and internal competition within the movement at times. We can differ on many points between our movements and still make progress towards our prime goal as long as we always bear in mind the common goal that unites us.

 The road to Western independence is going to be winding. It will take efforts on the every political front and that will require a number of parties, groups and personalities. We don't have to and won't always agree on every point or strategy. What is essential though is that we never forget the target we share.

Parties, policies and people will come and go. The need for Western independence is a constant. Unity in the pursuit of independence is what will get us there even if we take different approaches to getting there.

That is why WEXIT Movement Inc. is not a registered political party nor is it directly affiliated with any registered political party. It allows us to focus on Western independence and nothing else because in the end, nothing else really matters.



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